Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Daniel, Sofia, Aaron, and I - Sibling Session

These are my siblings, Sofia, Daniel, and Aaron, and this is a little snippet of our little brady bunch. The shoot was a gift to our parents, as some of these photos were printed and made into coasters (great DIY gift, by the way).
With that, happy holidays and happy new year!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Best of Finland

Last month, -- and it feels like such a long time ago, my boyfriend, Gavin, and I traveled to my homeland, Finland, with my family. While we were there, the sights were incredible, natural, clean, and beautiful, which is exactly what I love to photograph. So, I took loads of pictures and wanted to post my favorites into my portfolio, here.

Also, just a side note: I have received a couple questions about doing photos in the fall. I do apologize, but I am just starting my freshman year of college and do not actually have my own photography business in session at the moment. However, I would highly recommend for anyone who is interested to contact one of my employers, here or here, whom I often accompany on shoots. I am confident that these photographers can provide you with stunning, creative, professional, and affordable portraits, as well as a fantastic and fun experience.

Now please enjoy these photos from the gorgeous country of Finland!